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I want as many as possible to experience the power of healing, which the Spontaneous Transformation Technique delivers, at this crucial time in human evolution. So share this... no charge, no upsells, no gimmick; just pure healing.

Scroll down and listen each consecutive day.

If you missed any in the sequence, just catch up at your pace. The recommended protocol is to do a session one day at a time. Doing so allows a layering of healing and a little space in between for integration.

However, if you need a break after a particularly powerful healing then do so. Just come back to it. There may be a tendency to avoid these since the layers of avoidance protocols are deeply hooked into the subconscious (in order to seemingly keep you safe). 

If you want to "binge-watch" on these, that can work too. Just take note of how you are doing so you don't get too filled up. (Remember to drink water and give yourself time to rest if you binge-watch.)

Have fun, share your experiences on Facebook. It helps us all when we can hear how the healings are helping.
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Here Are Some Bonus Healing Audios To Further Support You...
The following are a few healing audios taken from other healing Programs... 

This is a powerful start to your journey.
#1: Healing The Past:
Through this healing audio, you are about to experience a sampling of what's to come as you release the tethers to the past, and witness the mechanics of reactions to the upsets and challenges in your current life.

You will experience a simple unwinding of old beliefs to create a new foundation of safety, abundance, and freedom. WOW...:
#2: An Introduction To Your Power:
This was the first day of a different and hugely popular 21-Day cycle, so it will give you a sampling of what is to come.

On this audio, you are about to experience your power.

This is Day 1 of that previous cycle where there will be deep healing as you know truly who you are and are able to embody that. 

This is a potent foundational and transformational healing. I am delighted at what you are about to learn about YOU!

This audio also gives you some insights on how the 21-Day program works (so it is timely as you start your free 7 Days of a possible 21-Day cycle):
Your 10 Days FREE Starts Here...
Day 1 - Reprogramming Trauma & Noticing
Day 1 is a powerful opening to claiming healing and the feminine.

Your mind will start to shift as it understands the dance of trauma we have all been on.

The beliefs formed in the midst of trauma that created challenges in our lives are now fully understood.

We'll play in the notion of "noticing" and "response-ability" and the power of changing the angle of perception and how our reactions fall out of our beliefs.

Then the healing begins with a Spontaneous Transformation Technique session.

You are about to create a new neural pathway out of the upsetting emotions that the #MeToo movement may have triggered.

...And claim a new potent I AM statement of possibility, potentiality, and your magnificent gentle power.

This is a remarkable beginning to your 10-Day journey.

NOTE: This first day is longer than the rest. Some philosophy and house rules were added to get the ball rolling in safety.
Your Day 1 Replay & Download:
Day 2 - Knowing & Reclaiming Your Power
This is a day of reclaiming and knowing your power.

You will journey to a place that shows you... you; your power, your infinite nature, your heritage of light.

And in that reckoning is the most refined healing.

In this place of your reclaimed power, you will release the old, let go of the story, hand it over and free yourself in the process.

You will re-cognize the you which has always been a divine being of power.

You will watch your circumstances change and transform before your eyes as you remember who and what you really are... without the story of "what happened" interfering.

The possibility of a new found freedom is yours on Day 2.
Your Day 2 Replay & Download
Day 3 - Releasing Others & Old Energies
Today is your day to release any energies from others that may have been "misplaced" and may have been impacting you.

This is your chance to "clean your field," if you will, of anything no longer needed.

You will claim your I AM and actually discover the true you... the you without the light-dimming energies of the past.

You will also experience a sound vibration song on flute and voice that will support you even more, cleaning out the old and tightening the weave of the truest "I AM" you.
Your Day 3 Replay & Download
Day 4 - Being The Observer Adult Protector
Day 4 offers practical steps to apply for growing the neural pathway of your power.

You will learn the steps to use to listen to the parts of you that know what is happening is not ok, and become the protector of and for yourself.

This is a powerful moment of transformation as you start to feel your own commitment to support, love, honor, and protection.

This miraculous healing journey takes you even deeper into the energy of support, and from a "will" oriented commitment to, instead, a deeper soul commitment to honor and protect the little ones within.

This one is a game-changer.
Your Day 4 Replay & Download:
Day 5 - Deleting Shame
Today's halfway point healing addresses shame.

In abuse, one of the most common emotions is shame. We feel like "something happened," "I must have done something wrong," or "I must have attracted it," or "I should have handled it differently." 

This is a coping mechanism of the psyche used to help you to survive.

It is a neural pathway rutted deep in the subconscious and, today, you will heal it.

The Spontaneous Transformation Technique healing session today takes you deep into the peace, calm, unwound energy of releasing this shame and the emotions attached to it.

(In the moment of deepest healing as we were opening our eyes literally into the new... a truck stopped in from of my house and reflected the sunlight perfectly on my face... a moment of synchronicity that validated our experience.)

This is a remarkable, powerful, dare I say... miraculous session.
Your Day 5 Replay & Download
Day 6 - Re-patterning Your Whole Life - WOW
Day 6 starts with some tech difficulties on Facebook Live... so know that the audio will have been recording all the efforts to get the Facebook Live to work.

The best part about it is, it was frustrating and that allowed us to use the frustration to heal.

We'll use it to explore through the moments of dissonance in our lives and understand how to move, in the moment, from upset into healing... in real time.

On Day 6, we'll do a potent re-patterning, moving through an STT Healing Session that leads you to know your great power THROUGH childlike innocence, sweetness, and love.

We'll then grow that child up through these energies and discover a whole new life.

This new life now creates a new neural pathway of your power and it is waiting for you in this remarkable session.

NOTE: On the AUDIO ONLY, there is an additional 30 minutes of healing.

We'll heal the ancestral money dysfunction that is running in our DNA.

Big thanks to Nancy for being the catalyst to "bust" many, many beliefs on multiple levels. 

So be sure to listen to this extended audio for an additional healing!
Your Day 6 Replay & Download
We had a few technical difficulties with Facebook Live the Third Try worked... so this is the link to the 3rd try at Day 6 On Facebook Live. 
There is some good info on the first try that's about 4 minutes long if you want to go to the Facebook page and find that.
Day 7 - Healing Relationships 
Today's program is about healing any discordant relationships...

And discovering that the point of access for relationship renewal is self-forgiveness.

During this healing session, you will move into a sacred place where you know the parts of you needing forgiveness... and you'll do just that.

You will use the remarkably healing Ho'oponopono Hawaiian Prayer, with STT overlay, to move into a new place of wholeness.

The wholeness will be in self... taking command of your life as well as wholeness in the other, that person you're in a relationship with that needs healing.

A beautiful dance with your soul is about to unfold with this potent healing session.
Your Day 7 Replay & Download
Day 8 - Cutting The Cords / Completion
Day 8 offers a remarkable breakthrough.

This is your time to discover completions and truly step into a new dynamic of possibility... of a new life.

You will experience a beautiful journey of breaking the discordant cords between you and any oppressor.

As you turn into your life, you will lift your gaze from what was to the horizon of now and experience a true sunrise of new circumstances emerging at this very moment.

This one is a deep and important moment of change.
Your Day 8 Replay & Download
Day 9 - Igniting Trust
Moving into trust from the aftermath of abuse and harassment, and the PTSD that can be present, can create a loop of ongoing lack of trust. 

This is understandable as it comes from the conclusions and beliefs made from those traumatic events.

In session 9, you will discover a whole new possibility.

Your "why, oh why" will dissolve...

And your ability to trust and have faith in your soul's journey will ignite.

Be prepared to receive a remarkable gift of the "tool of trust" that will create a new paradigm of possibility for you.

You are about to have a clearer understanding of your soul's path.

...And not only trust your journey even more... but know in your heart that whatever is showing up, is there to support the evolution of your very soul.
Your Day 9 Replay & Download
Day 10 - Feminine Power In Grace
Day 10 is a profound finish to our time together.

You are about to heal into, claim, experience and ignite your true feminine power in and of grace.

You will get a glimpse of your new life as you actually access your future self.

You will see and experience the future you that has leveraged, played with, experimented and applied all that was learned and healed during your ten days of healing.

...Resulting in a new life full of grace and power.

Thank you for participating and for the co-creation for your commitment to heal.
Your Day 10 Replay & Download
**BONUS** Live Heal-a-thon
Physical Healing, Relationship Healing, Re-Patterning & More! 
WOW, Wow, wow... what an incredible, miraculous set of healings.

Seriously, I'm blown away by all of you and your willingness to finally unwind the old beliefs to create those new neural pathways!

Expect deep physical healing...

Expect to heal into a new potentiality of intimate romantic relationships...

Expect to re-pattern your whole life from fear into a new superpower that lives within you now and cannot be thwarted...

Expect to no longer be victimized by others' energies and instead stand in a power that needs no words to change the circumstances of yourself and others...

Expect to have a whole new set of tools you can use in any situation to keep yourself in good shape.

Seriously... WOW!

AND check out the sale of how to continue this healing... it's here waiting for you!
NOTE: No Facebook Live For This One
BONUS Heal-a-thon Live 1-1 Healing Replay & Download
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These are all online programs. You can go at your own speed. You can download the audios, watch the videos and download the transcripts too. Take your time and browse. Feel into each and who you might be when you're done. Then dive into to what feels best.
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